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LTAB - 10/16/05

LTAB Mixed Live - After quite some time of being somewhat playlist-based, LTAB is back in the mix, courtesy of Ableton Live 5! My first-ever mix in Live, featuring some all-new trance acts and remixes.

Crash Protection 5	3:55	Brian Thomas	  Trance
Temple Mount (320 kbps)	4:23	David Kibrick	LTAB Theme	LTABplay
Neutron Funk	6:20	Paul Keeley	[EPS07] Rocky Mountain Funk	Techno
GaMeBoX_-_The_Fifth_Season_(StS_2005_Edition)(Mega_Man_2)	4:18			VG Remix
firefly	5:42	tigran avakian	apostel trance project	Trance
Adore	4:18	-The Rebirth Of Trance-		Trance
a sweet thing	2:03	Tigran Avakian	apostel trance project	Trance
Summerbreeze	4:17	Kamaya painters	In search of sunrise 2	Trance
my dimension	4:12	tigran avakian	apostel trance project	Trance
Dreamscape (original mix)	4:00	Sound Palace 		Trance
djtraxartoftrance+beneatha	4:45			Trance
the Last Mile (Demo Mix)	2:30	Lost Lagoon	Trance
Observer	5:17	Extracy	Trance
Star Ocean Forever!	5:38	Corran	VG Remix
Hibernation	7:19	AR52	LTABplay