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LTAB - 7/5/05

Independence Day - Well... was originally going to air this on the 4th, but got caught up in some low-key festivities... so it aired on the 5th. Yeah, that's a pretty lousy description, but luckily it is redeemed by two hours of great music...

Suggested Lau	1:45	Quinn Fox	LTABdisc
Temple Mount (320 kbps)	4:23	David Kibrick	LTAB Theme	LTABplay
When You See the Flashman, Duck and Cover	4:02	StarBLaSt	Mega Man 2	VG Remix
Breath of Fire Save Your Game (Club Mix 2002) OC ReMix	6:17	Ghetto Lee Lewis	VG Remix
Downspace	7:45	Freaky Chakra	Blacklight Fantasy	Trance
Bowedmetal	3:39	David Kibrick	Songs Without Albums	Experimental
Disoriental	3:34	Bassic	Golden Oldies	LTABplay
Desire for Love	8:03	Roetaka	Metal Gear Solid	VG Remix
DreamTRance	4:54	ORolando	Trance
Under attack	4:53	YO Project	Trance
Dance Valley Theme 2001 (Radio Mix)	3:44	System F		Trance
Kallocain Original Mix	8:59	Endre	Kallocain Incl Robert Nickson	Trance
Doom - Now I'm Radioactive!	5:29	TO		VG Remix
Elisha_-_On_The_Run_[trance_mix](Unreal)	2:54			VG Remix
Strange World	5:53	Max Graham - Greed f. Lesley	Tranceport 4 Disc 1	Trance
Chrono Trigger - Blue Skies Over Guardia	4:30	Shariq Ansari		VG Remix
Elements of love	3:20	Ice_man		Trance
The Rush Dance Adaptor	4:09	RushJet1, kwix	Mega Man, Mega Man 2	VG Remix
Relax	4:47	7.1		Trance
Running like a stranger (No vocals yet)	3:24	Dj Virtualizer	In my dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!	LTABdisc
Grid ]|[ (trance mix)	3:19	The Cynic Project	None	LTABdisc
Electronic Sky Zone	3:33	Snyderman	Mega Man X 4, Sonic 3D Blast	VG Remix
Bombin Shade of Blue	3:50	trenthian	Mega Man 7	VG Remix
Schmoozing	4:26	Jungle Logic		LTABdisc
Boss trance	2:48	Majeliss	Sonic the Hedgehog 2	VG Remix
Nordlicht - Within Each Of Us	9:51	Lightworks		LTABdisc