Life to a Beat!





LTAB - 8/12/02

Explosives Mix: A bit of everything, from trance to euro to the Future Sound of London

NOTE: Due to a mix-up in paperwork, the program for the first hour of the last show didn't make it to the station with me, so the first hour was done on-the-fly from some CDs I had with me. As a result, I don't have the exact playlist for the first hour of the show, so the first hour listed here is a listing of what would have been played - about half of the tracks listed in the first section did end up getting played.

Life to a beat … David Kibrick … 8/12/02

Hour 1




Digital Love

Daft Punk


Temple Mount

David Kibrick

Official LTAB Theme!



Irritating Stick

Spiritual Tazer


Basement Jaxx


We Have Explosive

Future Sound of London

Wipeout XL

Cherie de Amour

Le Knight Club

Crydamoure Presents

Bumper 2 Bumper

Mass Trance It

Impact USA




Taste Experience

Paul Oakenfold GUG 2-NY

Mei li ran sho

Sammi Cheng


Hour 2

Sicilia. 3:11 Apsara

Search for Atlantis. 4:06 Apsara

Sands of Time (Club Mix) 6:22 Aracne

Over and over 6:24 ksonic

No More Warnings Rmx 7:44 Widespread Panic

Constructions 5:53 A.P. Productions

Moonlight Reflection (Extended 7:17 Aracne

Wrong Planet 5:01 zoolab

Mr. Happy (2002 Guitar Mix) 6:06 CYBERSCAPE

Black Ice (hard floor mix) 6:29 Wintermute

Chasing the Dragon 3:03 A88

Feel the night (new) 3:33 ANTINOMIE


Dimension 3:48

Hour 3

American Frontier Culture - Defiance 8:42 Beatbox 2000

Vector Head 5:29 Freaky Chakra Blacklight Fantasy

The Picture 5:29 Gearwhore Drive

Come On (One More Time) 3:26 The 3rd. Millennium

EuroTrance [Hitclub Radio Airp 4:23 DJ Rome

Structure 4:37 The Cynic Project

Talking Of Magic 3:29 sepe

Vuelva a mí (O.R.G. feat. Coco 4:56 Coco Street

Easter Island 4:02 Art of Trance Magik - A New Adventure

Fade - Heaven to Heaven [7 A.M. Firestone Mix] 10:49

The Power Of One 4:15 KRYPTONIC