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LTAB - 8/18/05

Special Edition - In honor of my brother heading off to college, here's a show composed entirely from his music collection!

Show Me The Way To Amarillo	3:13	Tony Christie		Sort
Temple Mount (320 kbps)	4:23	David Kibrick	LTAB Theme	LTABplay
Carmen Sandiego	2:59	Rockapella		Sort
BBC World News 2000 Countdown	1:33	David Lowe	BBC World - The Music	Sort
The Holy Grai disco	1:53	Monty Python		Sort
Colliseum theme	3:01	Final Fantisy III/VI	Final Fantisy III/VI	Sort
It is meet	2:35	Kyiv Chamber Choir	Masterpieces of the Ukrainian Choral Baroque	Sort
Ghost Train 	4:10	Indiana Straight No Chaser	BOCA99 - Best of College A Cappella	Sort
Fuck Everton	3:46	Manchester United		Sort
Tina's Theme (FFVI)	4:47	Final Fantasy Concert 2002	Final Fantasy Concert 2002	Sort
Erin set	2:18	Band of the U.S. Air Force Reserve	...for Heroes Proved	Sort
14 Green Greens, from Kirby	1:53	New Japan Philharmonic Concert	Smash Bros DX Concert Official	Sort
08 Opening from Smash Bros DX	2:40	New Japan Philharmonic Concert	Smash Bros DX Concert Official	Sort
Ah L'amour L'amour	3:29	In-Grid	Rendezvous Avec 	Sort
The Man with the Machine Gun	3:36	Shiro Hamaguchi	FITHOS LUSEC WECOS VINOSEC Final Fantasy VIII	Sort
Bird Song	0:59	Yoko Kanno	ESCAFLOWNE	Sort
Running One (remix)	4:42	Lola Rennt	Lola Rennt	Sort
1. Controll to Effeciancy	1:22	Symphony for Dot Matrix Printer		Sort
Hemisphere	4:09	Yoko Kanno		Sort
To Far Away Times	1:00	Tony Thai	po! style remix...	Sort
Mesablanca	1:45	SSX		Sort
Azul Anil	6:26	Gabin Feat Ana Carril	Gabin	Sort